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All Hands On Deck

Monday, January 13th, is our official launch date but we’ve already received more than a few questions about our organization and mission.  Usually, it’s some form of, “There are already ‘gun groups’ in Colorado.  What’s the point of yet another one?  What makes you better?”

Well, we’re not better.  We’re just a little different.  This isn’t about competition, it’s about reinforcement.  Because 2013 showed us that there’s not only room at the table for many groups, there’s a need for them.  Our rights are under attack and we need all hands on deck, defending and reinforcing every angle we can find.  And, while other groups may choose to focus on the traditional lobbying role or on vetting candidates for office, we’re taking a different tact.

We don’t want to represent Coloradan’s Second Amendment interests.  We want to help citizens represent themselves.

Our Board is comprised of many of the same Coloradans that started the recall movement in our state.  Those recalls succeeded for a lot of reasons but they began because seven of us – with no previous political experience or aspirations – decided to take matters into our own hands instead of waiting around to be rescued.  We were victorious in the end but at great personal expense of time, money and frustration over a system that is severely damaged if not flat-out broken.

We don’t want our fellow citizens to have to relearn those lessons and to suffer the same mistakes.  We want to provide Coloradans with the knowledge and networking needed to empower them to stand up and take action if and when the need arises again.

We also want to expand our community.  Unfortunately, there are connotations – some fair, many unwarranted – about what “being a gun owner” means about you as a person.  People make assumptions about your lifestyle, your politics, your attitude when you declare membership in one group or another.  Many people who just happen to own a gun feel disenfranchised by this soft bigotry.  They don’t fit those oft-repeated stereotypes so they don’t connect with the community and, worse, don’t really perceive how changes in our laws negatively impact them.  Even those who don’t own a gun still own their right to one and deserve to have their voices heard as loudly as the rest of us.

As we said, we believe it is time for all hands on deck.  Him, her, them – you.  If you hold a passionate belief in personal liberty, a willingness to defend our Second Amendment, the ability to look past any differences to simply see a fellow Coloradan exercising their right and the willingness to stand with them, you’ve got a seat at our table.

We sincerely hope you’ll take it.

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