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Are Gun Safes Legal in Texas – Rules and Regulations

Many people wonder whether gun safes are legal in the state of Texas. The legality of guns, gun accessories and gun safes actually depends on the state or city that you reside in. Generally, there are no specific regulations or laws regarding how to store your firearms and secure them. However, it is a matter of common sense to understand that the laws of gun ownership, in a way, apply on gun safes as well.

Owning a handgun safe

It stands to reason that you will have no use of a handgun safe without a handgun. Purchasing a handgun is more or less hassle-free in the state of Texas. There are some simple requirements that you need to satisfy to buy a new revolver or pistol. In order to purchase a handgun, you have to offer your state ID, be 21 years of age or older and have a licensed firearms dealer perform a background check on you.

However, such requirements apply only when you purchase a handgun from a local gun store, given that these weapon dealers are licensed by state. But you can save time and avoid a background check when you purchase from a private seller rather than a local gun store.

Owning a long gun safe

Handguns can be hidden easily, and can serve the needs of personal safety. However, if you cannot resist the temptation of a big shotgun or an AR-15 or live in a particularly bad neighborhood, you need a long gun safe. Although you will need to take your AR-15 sling off before you put it in the safe. If you wish to purchase a long gun, you need to offer your state ID, be at least 18 years of age or more and wish to have a licensed firearms dealer perform a background check on you.

As is the case with handguns, you can avoid the step of background check when you wish to purchase a long gun from a local private seller.

When are you disallowed to carry / store a firearm?

In some cases, your state might prohibit you from a firearm ownership even in case you satisfy the rest of the requirements. This is possible if you:

  • Indulge in illegal substance abuse
  • Are an absconder from justice
  • Have been convicted for any crime that carries more than 1 year of imprisonment as punishment
  • Happen to be an illegal resident from another country
  • Have been proven to be mentally unstable or put in a mental asylum in the past
  • Have been subjected to an order of restraining
  • Have been discharged disgracefully from the Armed Forces of the US
  • Have been convicted of a domestic violence charge
  • Are an ex-citizen of the US who has given up his citizenship

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