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Letter From the Board – February 2015

Rights, Responsibility and Maybe a Bit of Fun

We all agree that we have the right to keep and bear arms and that this right has been codified in the 2nd Amendment. Most of us agree that the good folks that wrote the 2nd Amendment weren’t kidding when they said “shall not be infringed”. I wish all of us could agree with the latter, but there are those that want “reasonable restrictions” on our rights. Naturally, that puts proponents of our rights on the defensive and exposes the need for us to stand up in legal protest – another one of our rights that not only needs defended, but should be exercised at all opportunities.

The question to you is this: what are you going to do this year to exercise, defend and hopefully enjoy your right to keep and bear arms?

There are many things you can do to defend your rights. You can volunteer your time with an organization in order to lobby our politicians. You can write letters, make phone calls and even show up at the capitol to testify in favor of your rights. If you were feeling really feisty and motivated, you could create a website to help spread information, or even form your own organization. All of those are excellent ways to get involved, but will you do it? In short, talk is cheap. Getting up, getting involved and spending your personal time to make a difference is not easy, but it is necessary if you want to keep what you hold dear. Depending on others to do it for you will not be effective.

As a citizen of Colorado, and moreover the United States of America, it is your responsibility to stay involved, informed and ready to act, as there will always be people seeking to take control of your choices. Whether it is firearm ownership, purchasing powdered alcohol, or requiring certifications for yoga instructors. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, there will always be people seeking to control you, for your own good. It’s your responsibility to stand up to this and say “NO!” These are your choices to make, not anyone else’s. They will no longer be yours choices or your rights if you don’t act.

That brings us to another point. As gun owners, it is our obligation to act responsibly. That means actually practicing with your firearm of choice in order to be proficient and safe. This is especially true for those that choose to carry a concealed firearm. It should not be the government’s place to tell us, or force us, to get training in order to exercise our rights. It should be incumbent upon all of us to make sure we put in the effort to seek out training and act in a responsible manner.

There is one thing that is certain; training and hitting the range is far more fun than politics. Exercising our rights can and should be enjoyable, while defending our rights seems like an endless day at work. Both are equally important, but one is far more fun. We want to encourage you all to “get both” in this instance. Take time to get involved with the political process and do your diligence to stay informed on bills moving through the legislature, groups working for or against you, as well as any local ordinances that may affect your rights. At the same time, get training, go to the range, practice your fundamentals, and most importantly try to enjoy your rights. Life is too short to not enjoy it and it is too long to ignore those who want to control it.

Whatever you do, stay vigilant, stay involved and stay safe.

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