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What Types of Car Gun Safes are there?

Car gun safes are gun containers designed for vehicles, which ensure the safekeeping of firearms in cars. It is often that burglars and petty criminals open car doors and run away with whatever they can easily find inside cars. Despite the presence of car alarms, they manage to escape due to the minimal time that they take to find and fly with items such as mobile phones, cash etc. If you have your gun lying about irresponsibly, it can get stolen too. Find out about the different types of car gun safes that are out there.

Mobile safes

These are designed to be portable, and can easily be carried about. You can shift these across vehicles, such as from your car to truck to RV and more. Generally, these types of cases are designed to be fitted and kept in most types of vehicles.

Console vault safes

These are bolted down permanently to the side of the seat or the console cavity of a car, in order to have them permanently secured to the vehicle. This eliminates the risks of having the car safe lost or stolen.

Compact safes

These are usually built to contain particular types of guns, or the short ones such as revolvers and pistols. You can keep only small guns inside them. Depending on the needs and budget of customers, these safes can contain anywhere between 1 and 30 handguns and beyond. There are single gun cases to be found as well, and these are easy to conceal in cars. Generally, owners like to buy single cases that can be hidden easily beneath the console.

Wall mounted safes

These are to be mounted on the inside walls, so that owners can fish their guns out with the least difficulty or wastage of time. Some of these are designed to withstand water or fire for as long as 45 – 60 minutes. The mounting hardware comes along with the package, which ensures that thieves cannot steal the safes very easily.

Long gun cases

There are designed for bigger vehicles, such as trucks or armored cars that have more space to allow longer guns such as rifles to be taken along. The aspect of conceal-ability is missing in these safes, given that these are meant to contain shotguns, AR-15 etc to be accessed and used easily by owners. Even a whole arsenal of firearms can be transported with these types of safes.

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